Current Unit of Study; Drawing and Color

4th: Friend Portraits with Story-Telling Color

* Students practiced blind contour technique and drew  portraits of their friends.

* They outlined the drawing with a sharpie

*Students created a color scheme reference in their sketchbook.

*They discussed how color connects to personal memories and emotions

*Students took a "gallery walk" to see art with various color schemes. They discussed what mood/feeling the artist might be trying to convey.

4th: Focus Questions

How do I do "blind contour" drawing? How does blind contour help me improve my drawing? How do artists use color to convey mood or a feeling? What is a portrait? How can I use a focal point in my artwork?

3rd: Sketching and Painting


3rd: Focus Questions

How can I sketch an object? What are primary, secondary and tertiary colors? How do I mix them to paint my drawing? What are complementary colors? How do I keep my colors from getting dirty?

2nd: Foreground, Middle, Background

2nd: Focus Questions

How can I show a foreground, middle ground, and background in my drawing?

What are cool and warm color schemes? What do those colors say in an artwork?