Bringing Your A-Game; 8 Habits of Mind


Develop Your Abilities

Learn to use tools, materials, techniques, and take care of the studio.

Engage and be Persistant

Bring your positive attitude and keep working to find solutions, even when it gets hard. 

Plan, but be Flexible

Think ahead about what you might do, then plan it out. Know that the first solution does not always work. Be willing to try something else. 

Express Yourself

The art elements and design principles (line, shape, color, form, value, space, texture, etc.) help an artist say what they want to express through an artwork. Make choices with this in mind.


Look at things with an "artist's eye" and take time to look at things more closely.

Make Connections, Question, Explain

Ask questions, accept and give feedback. Connect your thinking to other things you know about. Learn to use art vocabulary.


Try New Things

Choose materials you have not used before or need more practice with. 

Be Inspired by Other Artists

Look at other artists' work, gather ideas, even put some in your own art! 

Golden Rules of the Art Room

1. Listen and Follow Directions

2. Do Your Best Work

3. Clean Up After Yourself

4. Be Nice